Trinity Development Alliance (TDA), a US 501c3 nonprofit organization, in partnership with Chrisman Development, received a $600K grant from the State of Oregon General Housing Account Program (GHAP) to support specific community affordable housing efforts in the state of Oregon known as the Pacific Trail Project.  

TDA is proud to participate as a Charitable Member in the three-property scattered site of 106 units of senior affordable housing located in Lincoln City, Lebanon and Canyonville.  TDA will provide the grants funds to assist with the property’s rehabilitation. 

As a national nonprofit, TDA is delighted to partner with affordable housing partners to acquire, rehabilitate, and preserve affordable housing. TDA’s success from participation in public-funded affordable housing programs ensures that the most vulnerable populations continue to have safe and secure affordable housing opportunities. Having a safe place to land helps support individuals and families by giving them hope and empowerment. 

TDA CEO and Founder, Kirsten Dernbach, is excited to share what this grant means for the present and the future.

“Securing this grant for the Pacific Trail affordable housing project is not just a triumph in funding, it is a testament to our shared commitment to compassion, community and the belief that every individual, regardless of age or ability, deserves a place to call home.  

This grant is more than financial support, it is a key that unlocks the doors to dignity and independence. Together, with strong partnerships, we can build not just walls and roofs, but a haven of warmth, respect and inclusivity where every resident can thrive.”