From the TDA April 2024 E-Newsletter: 

Stress is hard, isn’t it? 

We think that most would say a resounding yes to that question. 

Not only is stress difficult, it does not discriminate. Stress impacts everyone

 Since 1992, April has been declared Stress Awareness Month, a time to reflect, gain understanding, gather resources , and develop a plan to make things better for ourselves and others. 

 It’s also a reminder to give ourselves, and others, gentle care, grace, extra love, and support during stressful times. 

 For those who are housing insecure, the stress is extraordinary. Trying to find (and keep!) an affordable roof over one’s head and having a safe space to land, takes a toll on individuals and families, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

 Those stress tolls can be devastating

 In the case of children, those who experienced housing insecurity are more likely to develop anxiety and depression symptoms during childhood and adolescence, and more likely to develop depression symptoms as adults. 

 How can we help? 

 Here’s a start: 

  • Understand our own personal stressors and look at ways to better take care of ourselves in the best ways possible is key. Starting with a good foundation for ourselves, we can then help build others up and, in turn, help alleviate their stressors. 
  • Educate yourself and others on the facts about affordable housing. We’ve included the previous link and a graphic below to use as resources. 
  • Help destigmatize affordable housingUse your voice to dispel myths and help build understanding and acceptance. 
  • Affordable housing is just the beginning. Additional resources are needed to keep people fed, working, moving, and enjoying life. Think about those needs, too, and consider what areas you’d like to contribute. 

We hope this start can give you what you need! 

 Let’s support, care, and love ourselves and others, each other today and every day. 

 It matters now more than ever. 

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