At Trinity Development Alliance, we pride ourselves on solving 5 key problems:

  1. Eliminate the pain points of affordable housing: TDA’s mission, vision and passion is to provide critical support and innovative services for outreach, planning, problem-solving, and mentoring to ease and eliminate the pain points of affordable housing projects, processes, and procedures to create win-win solutions and outcomes for rural communities, individuals, families and community partners. 
  2. Create memorable and extraordinary service experiences: At TDA, we take pride in putting heart, humanity, a can-do spirit and positive energy into every person, team and project we have the honor to work with and serve. Affordable housing is not easy; our aim is to make people feel heard, honored, respected, hopeful and empowered to succeed in what is often a  difficult and even hopeless situation. 
  3. Give a strong voice to equity and anti-discrimination practices: Through relationship building, education,and resources, we strive to eliminate barriers and discrimination at every opportunity. We are a champion of equity regardless of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability. TDA prides itself to listening, embracing and honoring each person’s story. Stories matter. 
  4. Embrace and execute environmental practices at every opportunity: At TDA, we partner with organizations to establish renewable energy resources and projects along with affordable housing preservation. Environmental sustainability is key to affordable housing problem-solving for lowering costs short-term and long-term, innovation, and future generations. We elevate these ideas and help support and provide creative solutions in all of our work and service.
  5. Outreach and education: TDA aims to dispel the myths and give the facts about rural communities and affordable housing to the community at large. Our goal is to shine a light on housing issues and challenges that rural communities face in the United States. We want to empower the public to get involved, learn about the issues and share their knowledge with others. A more informed, engaged and caring citizenry helps forge new paths on the journey forward for communities and people in need.