What we do

Affordable Housing Preservation

TDA partners with affordable housing developers to acquire, rehabilitate, and preserve affordable housing at-risk of aging out of supportive housing programs. Our success from participation in public-funded affordable housing programs ensures that the most vulnerable populations continue to have safe and secure affordable housing opportunities.

Wildflower Apartments – Pendleton, OR

What we believe

Community. Upgrowth. Sustainability.

We believe in educating and cultivating inclusive and diverse communities through the development of affordable housing options that encourage self-sufficiency, long-term economic independence, and environmental sustainability for families, seniors, and people with special needs.

Affordable Fair Housing
Marketing Plans

We create program specific, compliant, advertising and community outreach plans to reach community members that would benefit from affordable housing.

Resident Service Plans

TDA develops specialized Resident Service Plans to meet the budget of affordable housing developers and property managers.

Affordable Housing

TDA partners with affordable housing developers to acquire, preserve and rehabilitate affordable housing at risk of aging out of qualifying programs.

Our Partners

We Build Strong Relationships

TDA is committed to working with for-profit and nonprofit partners to create innovative, equitable, diverse, and inclusive affordable housing solutions in rural communities.

Property Name Location Units Property Type Funding Type Ownership
Trinidad Apartments Trinidad, CO 24 Family RD, Tax Credit Owner
Clearview Apartments Monte Vista, CO 24 Family RD, Tax Credit Owner
Miliken Apartments Miliken, CO 28 Family RD, Tax Credit Owner
Platteville Apartments Platteville, CO 16 Family RD, Tax Credit Owner
Burlwood Apartments Cripple Creek, CO 10 Family RD, Tax Credit Owner
Timberlane  Spirit Lake, ID 11 Senior HUD, RD Owner
Deer Park Meadows  Deer Park, WA  15 Family RD Owner
Mountain View Newport, WA  15 Family RD Owner
Pend Oreille West  Newport, WA 13 Senior RD Owner
Wildflower Apartments Pendleton, OR 80 Family Tax Credit Charitable Member
Thunderbird Apartments La Grande, OR 40 Family HUD, Tax Credit, HOME Charitable Member
Garden Grove Grants Pass, OR 60 Family RD, Tax Credit Minority Member 
Leisure Way Too Wallowa, OR 10 Senior GHAP Minority Member 
Barrel Brook Cottage Grove/Grants Pass, OR 98 Senior RD, Tax Credit Charitable Member
Woodsvilla Elma, WA 44 Family Housing Trust Fund General Partner
Eagle Cap Elgin/Joseph/Enterprise, OR 94 Family/Senior RD, Tax Credit Charitable Member
Pacific Trails  Lebanon/Lincoln City/Canyonville, OR 108 Senior RD, Tax Credit Charitable Member 

What Our Partners Say

“Trinity Development has provided us with exceptional service and allowed us to streamline our marketing approach as well as ensure that our marketing meets the complex affordable housing requirements.”

Tess Fulfer, Compliance Manager
at Viridian Management, Inc.

“When we need of a non-profit partner, TDA is top of the list. TDA continues to be a reliable ally for CDI. They are diligent and focused on their efforts, but always flexible and willing to do what it takes to preserve HUD and USDA Rural Development affordable housing.”

Tyler Chrisman,
Chrisman Development, Inc

“We operate in the ultra-niche industry of connecting low-income affordable housing with renewable energy and it has been incredible to work with an organization that has both of those categories in their mission statement. TDA has improved our success rate by providing support and innovative financing methods that enable our projects in a way that wouldn’t be possible for your average non-profit.  Thanks Trinity for sharing success in our mission.”

Ryan Sheehy,
Founder of Fleet Development

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