For Trinity Development Alliance (TDA) Board Director and Treasurer, Savita Gupta, growth is more than professional and personal development and learning new things. 

The director is ready and eager, now more than ever, to take that growth and apply it to create action, ideas, and helping others. 

Professionally, Savita has a strong accounting and financial background, and is currently serving in the role of an accountant of contracted assets for a company in Virginia. She savors her return to work outside of the home, a transition she made in 2018, after raising two beautiful daughters. 

“I am happy to be back to work,” she shares. “I’m making my own goals, branching out, and growing.” 

In fact, one of Savita’s favorite quotes is this: Be yourself: everyone else is already taken. It is a straightforward reminder to be self-aware,simple paper dolls all the same color except for one empowered, and willing to grow and change into who you want to be. Savita is a perfect example of embracing that reminder, and striving to build goals, with excitement and energy in everything she does. 

And it is with that very excitement and energy, that she is able to help support and contribute to TDA’s mission and vision. When TDA CEO and longtime friend, Kirsten Dernbach, reached out to her to join TDA as a board director, the timing was right. 

“I believe in giving back and helping others in need,” says Savita. “And I’m entrepreneurial, and the opportunity at TDA was a great segue in my career and an opportunity to learn new things in the nonprofit world.”  

Where does Savita see TDA in the short term and the long term? Both are tied to growth in the best ways possible. 

“As we work with contracts, I see TDA growing into bigger contracts and working with other companies. I see us continuing to think outside of the box and have the best work product that we can provide. That will help us continue to grow even more in the next five to ten years.” 

Creating the best products and services are critical to address the urgent needs in affordable housing and meeting people where they are. 

Savita sees this commitment to service as paramount to helping everyone.  

“Affordable housing needs to be available to everyone from all walks of life. Having a good product built that is properly resourced is important. 

We want to provide what people really want and need. People need to be heard.”