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Affordable Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP)

TDA identifies the segments of the eligible population which are least likely to apply for housing without special outreach efforts. We review the current racial and ethnic composition of an area and consider potential language barriers and income eligibility requirements. With this information we design a program specific, compliant, advertising and community outreach plan.

New Application and 5 Year Update

AFHMPs must be reviewed and updated every 5 years.

Annual Advertising and Community Outreach

Effective outreach programs attract tenants and improve vacancy rates.

Our Services

Resident Service Plans

A strong Resident Services Plan can improve cash flow by reducing turnover, evictions, and vacancy loss. In addition, an effective plan includes a provision for crisis prevention, resulting in savings in physical damage to units, unpaid rent, and lease violations.

TDA develops specialized Resident Service Plans to meet the budget of affordable housing developers and property managers. We provide improved marketability and essential links with providers, resulting in positive community exposure.

Development and Support

We developed a first of its kind approach to Resident Service Support.


We help community members connect with the services and support they may need.

Our Services

Affordable Housing Preservation

As a national non-profit, TDA partners with affordable housing developers to acquire, rehabilitate, and preserve affordable housing developed under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and USDA Rural Development programs that are at risk of aging out of the programs and loss of affordability.

TDA focuses on approaches to preserve these communities through long term physical and financial sustainability while emphasizing environmental and energy efficient practices.

Our success from participation in public-funded affordable housing programs ensures that the most vulnerable populations continue to have safe and secure affordable housing opportunities.