A couple of weeks ago, TDA shared a quote on our social media platforms, and you really responded! 

The quote: Life in a small town teaches us the value of community and connection

A photo of a tree lined street of a simple buy cozy home in the fall season

Not only did people like the post, but it seemed to stir up a sense of nostalgia and love for those who grew up in small communities or who call a small town home today. 

Why the strong, positive reaction? 

What is it about small town life? 

Let’s explore. 

  1. Compelling research has shown that people that live in small towns and/or rural communities are happier
  2. There is a special closeness amongst neighbors and community members. 
  3. Less people creates more of a spirit of cooperation and being a good neighbor and community member to one another. 
  4. It has been shown that small towns and rural communities may have a lower cost of living. 
  5. Small towns and rural communities can boast beautiful natural settings and surroundings. 

TDA aims to dispel the myths and give the facts about rural communities. We also aim to lift up the spirits, empowerment, and pride of these communities. 

Simply put, rural communities and small towns matter and it seems like you agree, too. 

We’d love to seek your input, memories, and thoughts on living in a small town and rural community. What did (or do!) you like best about living in a small community? How has it benefited you and your family? 

Responses may be used in a future article on our website blog! 

Feel free to DM us on our social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) or email us at [email protected].

Thank you for your participation in advance. We look forward to hearing from you!