Catherine Echols has big dreams. 

The Trinity Development Alliance (TDA) board member, longtime business leader, digital marketing expert, community organizer, volunteer and Georgia native, has taken those big dreams to the next level, not just dreaming for herself, but giving people and communities the chance to dream big, too.  

Whether it is in her industry or serving others in the community, Catherine works hard, keeps busy and helps build bridges of support and care. 

She would not have it any other way. 

TDA’s Catherine Echols (courtesy photo)

“I dream big,” says Catherine with a smile. “The work I do is my way to take my expertise to share with others and see what happens.”

Her work is paying off and her positive energy is infectious. From working on affordable housing issues, mental health initiatives and so much more, she, along with her project teams, create the foundations for others to follow their dreams, feel safe, and live healthy and empowered lives. 

When it comes to her TDA work, she is more motivated than ever after seeing homelessness firsthand in her state.  

“During a period of time transitioning to a new work role, I was taking daily walks in downtown Atlanta,” she explains. “I was exposed to homelessness firsthand. It really concerned me.” 

Catherine continues, “Home is where it starts. Homes are fundamental to who you are. Home is where you can feel safe.” 

Now on the heels of a recent national affordable housing conference and TDA board meeting, she has some major takeaways from the conference and her mission and vision for TDA’s goals are fueled. 

“I was struck by how big the ecosystem is around affordable housing,” she shares. “There are complexities of working together with for-profit and nonprofits, not to mention the size of the project, funding, and how the dynamics and the impacts at the national government levels work.

My key concern is not only making sure that there’s availability of affordable housing, but to make sure that stigmas are not attached to it. Prices are high all over and people need their basic needs met.” 

Where does Catherine see TDA’s role in helping with affordable housing? One word: opportunity

“There are opportunities that exist to help facilitate other projects, but I look forward to TDA energizing and spearheading our own projects, building our network and connections, and fulfilling big dreams.” 

“We all have big dreams,” smiles Catherine. “And housing is the beginning of success.” 

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