Supporting affordable housing in rural areas.

We’re committed to working with partners that seek to invest in the long-term future of affordable housing.


Coming This Fall 2023 From TDA!

Fall is an exciting time of year that brings change and new things!  Trinity Development Alliance (TDA) is looking forward to Fall 2023 for five special reasons.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming from TDA this fall! 🍂 TDA is passionate about renewable energy and how it connects with affordable housing and rural communities. [...]

Community Partners Trinity Development Alliance and Fleet Development Secure Critical Clean Energy Grants For Affordable Housing Projects

Community partners, Trinity Development Alliance (TDA), a nonprofit who works with for-profit and nonprofit organizations to support innovation and sustainability in affordable housing in rural areas, and Fleet Development, an organization that specializes in connecting affordable housing with renewable energy through both rooftop and community solar models, are pleased to announce that they have secured [...]

Let The Sunshine In: Why We Love Solar Energy

At Trinity Development Alliance (TDA), we partner with organizations to establish renewable energy resources and projects along with affordable housing preservation. Environmental sustainability is key to affordable housing problem-solving for lowering costs short-term and long-term, innovation, and future generations. We elevate these ideas and help support and provide creative solutions in all of our work [...]

(NEW): Our Latest E-Newsletter Solves, Builds, Shares and Cares!

(NEW): The TDA e-newsletter recently launched! 📰💻   This edition tackles problem-solving, building our outreach, sharing care, and so much more. Read it by clicking here.    If you haven't signed up for the newsletter already, visit our home page by clicking here. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see our [...]

5 Problems We Solve

At Trinity Development Alliance, we solve 5 problems. Here they are:  Eliminate the pain points of affordable housing: TDA’s mission, vision and passion is to provide critical support and innovative services for outreach, planning, problem-solving, and mentoring to ease and eliminate the pain points of affordable housing projects, processes, and procedures to create win-win solutions [...]

Stand For What You Stand On

Stand for what you stand on. Our Earth. 🌍 It's Earth Week 2023! Let's commit to doing our part for the planet. Every little bit helps. At Trinity Development Alliance (TDA), sustainability and the environment are a critical part of our mission, vision, and passion. Community. Upgrowth. Sustainability. For TDA, it's more than a tagline. [...]

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to the new TDA Blog! We are thrilled to bring our community another online tool. Our goals for this space are as follows: Sharing information, resources, and news you can use about affordable housing and rural communities. Providing support and inspiration. Cultivating ideas and solutions. Having important conversations. Celebrating and promoting community, sustainability, and [...]

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