Supporting affordable housing in rural areas.

We’re committed to working with partners that seek to invest in the long-term future of affordable housing.


Breaking the Stigma of Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is many things, but mostly, it's misunderstood and stigmatized. Here are some of the most common misunderstandings, stigmas and myths: More crime will result due to affordable housing. Neighborhoods will change in a negative way. The housing will be poorly built and maintained and lower surrounding property values. Traffic and parking will be [...]

(NEW): Our Latest E-Newsletter Solves, Builds, Shares and Cares!

(NEW): The TDA e-newsletter recently launched! 📰💻   This edition tackles problem-solving, building our outreach, sharing care, and so much more. Read it by clicking here.    If you haven't signed up for the newsletter already, visit our home page by clicking here. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see our [...]

5 Problems We Solve

At Trinity Development Alliance, we solve 5 problems. Here they are:  Eliminate the pain points of affordable housing: TDA’s mission, vision and passion is to provide critical support and innovative services for outreach, planning, problem-solving, and mentoring to ease and eliminate the pain points of affordable housing projects, processes, and procedures to create win-win solutions [...]

Myth Vs. Fact: Rural Communities

Debunk the myths and get the facts on rural communities in about 30 seconds.   Did you see anything that surprised you? To learn more about how you can support rural communities through affordable houses and other critical services, click here.  

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to the new TDA Blog! We are thrilled to bring our community another online tool. Our goals for this space are as follows: Sharing information, resources, and news you can use about affordable housing and rural communities. Providing support and inspiration. Cultivating ideas and solutions. Having important conversations. Celebrating and promoting community, sustainability, and [...]

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