What We Do

Resident Services Plan Development

TDA develops specialized Resident Service Plans to meet the budget of affordable housing developers and property managers, providing improved marketability and important links with providers, which can result in positive community exposure. A Resident Services Plan can improve cash flow by reducing turnover, evictions, and the resulting vacancy loss. An effective plan includes a provision for crisis prevention, resulting in savings in physical damage to units, unpaid rent, and lease violations.

The anticipated outcomes and overall goals of the Resident Services Plan are:

  • Through coordination, collaboration, and community linkages, residents will be provided the opportunity to access appropriate services which promote self-sufficiency, maintain independent living, and support them in making positive life choices; and
  • To maintain the fiscal and physical viability of the development by incorporating into the ongoing management the appropriate services to address resident issues as they arise.

When developing a Resident Services Plan, TDA considers the properties available budget with these support and service guidelines in mind:

  • Improve residents’ ability to maintain their lease obligations
  • Enhance quality of life through programs for employment, education, income/asset building, healthcare, the aging process, child and youth development.
  • Community building and socialization

Resident Teleservices

TDA provides Resident Teleservices – a virtual Resident Service Coordinator working remotely to assist residents with locating services and/or programs defined in the Resident Service Plan. We aim to assist residents by providing information about government benefits, local programs, and services they may need. We partner with tenants and property managers to insure residents continue to thrive where they are.

Affordable Fair Housing Marking Plan (AFHMP) – Annual Advertising Updates

TDA has developed a forward thinking and cost-effective approach to maintaining AFHMP annual advertising. The goal of a TDA provided annual advertising update is to ensure the approved plan is in compliance, as well as, provide the most cost effective advertising structure and ongoing relationship management with community contacts.

TDA will examine the property’s current AFHMP Plan and make necessary recommendations for community contact and advertising strategy. We will develop all materials for completing the annual update:

  • Instructions for implementing the provided annual advertising plan
  • Placement of approved advertising/evidence of advertising
  • Community contact outreach and documentation
  • Custom flyers for community contacts and bulletin boards
  • Quarterly outreach to community contacts

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