Residential Service

Residential Service Coordination is the process of identifying, developing, coordinating, and accessing supports and services on behalf of individuals, or assisting individuals and their families to access supports and services on their own.

Mental health

In-home healthcare

Job assistance

Financial Education/instruction


After school care 

Plan Creation


  • Develop training program for RSM and site staff
  • Train RSM roles and responsibilities
  • Train comprehensive resident services plan established for the specific community
  • Best practices for tenant engagement
  • Confidentiality/controls
  • Rezility system training


  • Communicate to tenant’s program availability, how to access and any resource materials
  • Work with adjunct service providers to insure smooth service delivery

Benefits of engaging TDA



Properties who provide Resident Services have savings in vacancy losses, legal fees and bad debt.


A partner who knows Residential Services and how to work with tenants, their community and the local area to provide core and critical services for little to no cost.


Provides residents an alternative contact other than the landlord/property manager to obtain guidance, discuss needs or request assistance with problems.

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